Sunday Week 1

On Sundays, we will spend time praying for our common church prayer points rather than thinking about prayer itself. Read through each prayer point before you pray. Then instead of just repeating those words, find the things that you would most like to say to God based on what you read.

1. Give thanks for all God has done in Fairfield through Kirsty Robertson over the past 9 years and pray she would settle in quickly to her new role in England. Pray that God would provide a new worker for FEAST as soon as possible, and that this ministry in our local high schools would grow and be blessed in the years to come.

2. Pray for everyone in our church, that we will have strength to persevere in following Jesus whatever our circumstances. Pray particularly for those who are sick, grieving or finding life hard. Pray that we would encourage each other to keep trusting God and his will, and for wisdom and boldness in thinking of ways we can build each other up in our walk with Christ.  

3. Pray that God would help all of our local Fairfield City councillors to lead and govern with integrity, protecting the vulnerable in our communities – particularly the young, the elderly, disabled people, refugees and those who are in other vulnerable situations. Pray for wisdom for our mayor Frank Carbone and Fairfield City Council in all their decision making in 2018.

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