Sunday Week 3

On Sundays, we will spend time praying for our common church prayer points rather than thinking about prayer itself.

1. Give thanks for a good conclusion to the first ever Christianity Explored course at Watsons Bay Anglican Church. Pray for those who came, and for the non-Christians at church who have been hearing Mark’s gospel this term, that they would come to believe. Pray for the future of Watsons Bay Anglican Church, that Scott Newling and Caitlin Orr would lead the church well through the changes needed to promote growth in the coming months.

2. Pray for our SRE teachers to have wisdom and enthusiasm as they plan their lessons, and for God to raise up more SRE teachers so that we are able to teach classes in more primary schools in our parish. Pray for the children who attend SRE classes, that they would know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and learn more about him through SRE classes.

3. Thank God for his provision for Moore Theological College over the last 162 years, and for the countless men and women who have been equipped to teach God's word by their theological studies. Pray that Moore College staff and students will hold fast to the truth of the gospel, grow in love and knowledge of God, and have a passionate concern for the lost around the world

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