Sunday Week 2

On Sundays, we will spend time praying for our common church prayer points rather than thinking about prayer itself. Read through each prayer point before you pray. Then instead of just repeating those words, find the things that you would most like to say to God based on what you read.

1. Give thanks for the many churches and individuals who are partnering with the Websters as they settle in to life in Namibia. As they get used to everything being new and different, pray that the Websters would have open minds and wisdom in not making assumptions or judgements about how those around them live and work and relate to each other.

2. Pray for our Growth Groups, that many would come along and read God's word and encourage each other to live for Jesus. Give thanks for our studies on prayer and from the book Acts this term, and pray that we would be dependent on God in all aspects of our lives.

3. Pray for farmers across Australia who are currently experiencing the worst drought in many years. Pray that rain would come quickly, reviving the land and the communities who are struggling. Pray for those affected to look to God, the giver of the living water of eternal life, for hope and comfort. And pray for wisdom for government and support agencies.

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